Our Departments

Manyi Hospital currently offers virtual doctors and virtual services in 3 departments.

Wellness Care

Manyi Hospital Wellness Care department is virtually available to you at anytime!  You can chat with our virtual doctors and nurses to learn about quitting…

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Vaccinations And Preventative Medicine

Learn what vaccinations are recommended for your medical needs.  Our Preventative Medicine department is staffed with medical professionals who can provide first aid tips, recommend…

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General Medicine

Our General Medicine department can offer video teleconference visits to non-emergency illnesses such as mild allergies, the cold and things such as contraceptives or PrEP.

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Referral Services

Manyi Hospital is proud to partner with several medical groups throughout the United States and offers referrals for non-virtual procedures.


Online appointment services


Wellness services


Need more than a virtual experience?


 Miami Rhinoplasty Specialist provides ENT and plastic surgery expertise in the southern United States region. Dr. Wecki Clinics provide services to the Great Lakes Region as well as the Midwest Region. Los Angeles Clinics provide services to the Western Region. Additional Services Not Associated With Manyi Virtual Network Kentucky Medical Association provides…

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Latest News

Our latest updates on virtual medical care

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